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We install technology that controls all electrical functions in your home – from lighting and sound, to curtains and shutters, and climate control. All done with one simple command, exactly the way you like it. And in addition, turning things off is as straight forward and energy savings significant.

As technology has progressed this one-stop system can now be operated from your tablet or phone.The system is bespoke to your way of life, it allows you to have distributed audio throughout your house and garden with preset definitions, whether in the mood to dance or relax.

The ability to switch your lights on, off, dim and select different vibes. You can use one remote to control all your electronic gadgets with a simple, easy to follow on-screen menu.

Audio Visual

With music being an integral part of the ambience of the home, A3COM will provide you with the perfect design for your audio requirements around the house. From dedicated music rooms with high end separate systems, communal areas, gardens, dining rooms down to the party room with sound quality of a night club.

With the addition of distributed audio you can have your whole music collection available at the touch of a button in any room required. Play lists and music information will be viewed via touch screens and give simple intuitive control. Integration is also possible with an iPod and replicates the same control on the screen.

Special features can include “the party button” which can be preprogrammed to play your favorite tracks in all the required areas at the touch of one button. With the advancement in technology Airplay is now becoming a must have.

 HD Video, TV and satellite pictures can be distributed from a central location across the building and made available at every television. Also, centrally stored movies can be distributed from a hard drive to each screen. We can provide solutions to watch your favorite TV channel or movie from your sitting room to your bedroom and even in the comfort of your bath.

Security Integration

At a touch of a button you can link your automated system to CCTV around and in your home, office or building. This can be remotely accessed using a smart phone or tablet.

We can also offer access control of doors, gates and entrances for the security conscious, all available on the same application as your home system.Access control can be granted to individuals and settings within your audio visual system made to follow that person’s habits, for example if you preferred dimmed lighting and classical music when you enter the house and your partner preferred full lighting and soul music, this can all be detected as soon as you use your access card and changed accordingly.

Lighting, Blind & A/C Control


Integration and control of lighting from touch screens or on wall switches offers pre set scenes to allow mood settings across the house or apartment at the touch of a button. This will allow the client to have a number of predetermined scenes programmed into each room. So, whether it’s a cocktail party, dinner or movie, the perfect mood can be set.

We can offer a reliable and effective control system to control your climate and blinds or window dressings. On wall smart switches combine the control of lighting presets, blinds, drapes and HVAC with LED temperature display which can be used alongside Ipad control.

Within areas of a building it will be possible to manage and control the temperature of single areas or global setting at the touch of a button. Pre set programmed events can also be run to raise and lower the AC during certain times of the day.

Our systems offers the best and most flexible control and value for money in the market today as well as being environmentally aware.


Home Cinemas

From LED screens to custom installed projection systems, A3COM will give sulotion of  custom cinema installation and design team will provide you with the ultimate home theater experience.

From full HD picture quality, 3D and 4K, alongside a mind blowing sound system, to the bespoke design of interiors and furniture, A3COM will install, test and set up your cinema to cater for your every desire.


When CSEED 201 unfolds its monumental black panels, its environment is immediately transformed into a stunning garden sculpture.The column takes 15 seconds to achieve its full height of 4.65 m (15ft) with effortless ease. Seven massive LED panels unfold equally soundlessly within the next 25 seconds.The Porsche Design Studio combines a tradition of craftsmanship with innovative technology. Every product it designs has the potential of becoming a classic.

The TV that raises from the ground, unfolds the worlds largest TV display and adjusts in height and angle for the perfect viewing experience.The CSEED 201 pack its ultra powerful technology into a rigorously streamlined aesthetic created by Porsche Design Studio. Simplicity of form, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation.